where i grow
An ongoing series of environmental nudes, united by a reappearing theme of connecting human body and organic nature, mainly by means of hair. 
The photographs create a peculiar herbarium of the author, collected while exploring the Mediterranean.
We humans stop growing height-wise at a certain age, but personal growth is only limited by our lifespan, similarly to the continuous growth of our hair.

X/2021 Buckthorn

X/2021 Thyme is on my side

X/2021 Almond-leaved pear

IV/2022 Almond-leaved pear / Harvest

X/2021 Olive

V/2020 Pyrus spinosa

IV/2022 Cypress

IX/2022 Juniper

IX/2014 Helichrysum

VII/2023 Mastic tree

IX/2022 Restharrow

IX/2022 Juniper