Silver Island 2019-2022
Opening the Mountain, IX/2019
These photographs were born in the rugged terrain at the foot of the Cretan White Mountains - Lefka Ori, where I first arrived in summer 2019.
When I returned to Crete in February 2020, first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic luckily trapped me on the island and eventually made me spend over four months wandering in and around the Aradena Gorge, mostly alone with my tripod and camera.
Compared to my previous work, there is a newly found desire for harmony in what arose from this unexpectedly long isolation in this sparsely populated part of the island.
My human being appears as no longer trapped or overwhelmed by the immensity of the environment but a natural part of it.
By finding comfortable poses in uncomfortable places and mimicking the shapes of geological formations and trees, I invite the viewer to see the human, represented by my physical body in both its strength and vulnerability, as perfectly fitting to the all-embracing roughness of nature.

Finding Comfort in Discomfort, 2020

The Face of Aradena  VII/2019

At the Bow Tree IV/2020

The Alphabet of the Gorge  VII/2019

After Seasalt  X/2021

Remembering Mother  V/2020

Where I Grow /Pyrus spinosa/  V/2020

Greetings, My Friend VI/2021

Embrace This Pear  V/2020

Without You I´m Falling  IV/2020

Holding the pieces together, I am supported by the whole  X/2021

Embracing All  IX/2021

To Make Amends  VI/2020

Surprise, Surprise IV/2022

The Shepherdess  VII/2020